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A little bit about magic...

Almost anyone can work a spell. All spellwork requires is solid intent, concentrated focus, and the ability to channel energy toward the specific direction of your wishes. Creating an atmosphere conducive to spellwork is probably the most important step you can take towards successful magic. Cleanse your space with Palo Santo, Copal, or a smudge stick before practicing.


If you'd like to know more about modern spells & rituals, or would like a ritual for a certain situation (like dreams, divorce, depression, protection, forgiveness, wishes, creativity, etc.) send us a message!



modern spells & rituals

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  • Use this spell to obtain a certain amount of money. Best performed on a Sunday during the waxing moon phase.

    containments: 1 green candle, dried oregano, olive oil, 3 white quartz crystals, & instructions on how to perform the spell. 

    +waxing moon booster chant

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