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Buyer's Anthem


"I just received my package a couple days ago and first off, i really love the packaging, you can see that they actually put effort into their products and for the product itself….all i’m gonna say is that it definitely hits!"

Riley B.

"So my friend recently won a giveaway for some of your aphrodisiacal pre-rolls and wow, I must say, I'm impressed. The smell of it is delightful with all the dried flower parts in it and the aphrodisiacal effect is an intense sensation!"


Sloane B.

"Love love love this whole brand :) the flower selections are beautiful and make my new apartment feel so cozy! i love the vibes of all of the products here and would definitely recommend to a friend!"

FullSizeRender-5 copy.jpeg

Maddie W.

"I loved the packaging and everything about it. You can tell that time and effort went in to putting it together and it was such a calming experience"


"Wonderful! It tastes amazing and was packaged beautifully!"



"Beautiful arrangement!
Beautifully wrapped and packaged.
Would make a wonderful gift (but I kept mine)."


"Literally obsessed with this vase and arrangement!! It’s so cute!"

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