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Fancy seeing you here & nice to virtually meet you! I'm Krystal, a hair stylist based in Los Angeles, California. In 2020 I experienced what it was like to be laid off, not only once, but three times (like most of us)!!! I started propagating house plants I had, which lead to new plant babies & the exploration of DTLA's Flower District. AKA heaven on earth. Every time I'm there, I swear, I'm swept away on the most perfect little cloud. Floating around entranced by all of the fresh flowers and plants. When my eyes lay on certain flowers/plants, my heart literally can't part ways with them! I started coming home with a variety of fresh & dry flowers, herbs, and plants. During such an emotionally difficult year, having lost my sister & best friend, I found comfort, love, and beauty in the botanical world. Everything from the selection of pieces to curating and arranging just really has me vibrating on a whole other level! After running out of space in my apartment for anymore arrangements, I started doing custom bouquets for friends & family. I feel ready to share my curations with people beyond my circle, so come with me to my own little botanical world and enjoy my offerings. I am ever so grateful to welcome you to Brown Sugar Botanica!

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Meet Krystal Buttner:

Apothecary Artist & Hair Stylist

Want to know more?

Check out Shoutout LA's article on Brown Sugar Botanica & how it all started.

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