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Dried Lavender smudge stick handwrapped with dried flowers + White Quartz.


Lavender can be used by itself or in combination with other herbs such as white sage, sweetgrass or Palo Santo as a smudge to cleanse your environment of negativity &  neutralize any lingering bad vibes.


Mindfully infusing your space with Lavender sets the intention for a peaceful, grounded energy before making art, studying, working, practicing yoga, meditation, saying prayers or affirmations, chanting mantras, pulling tarot or oracle cards & engaging in any type of sacred ceremony.


White Quartz is related to the crown chakra & all zodiac signs. It produces energy at frequency level four, meaning its a great choice for warding off negative energies. This crystal can help people who are struggling with grief/letting go. It can also help with personal limitations. Use this crystal if you need to be kind to yourself. 


lavandula smudge stick

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  • Before burning you must remove dried floral & White Quartz.

    Light Lavender smudge stick at a 45 degree angle with tip of flame. Let it burn for about 15 seconds, depending on the size of the stick, before blowing out.

    Start by smudging your body, aura, & energy field. Intentionally influence your space utilizing the Lavender smoke. Focus on your center, peace, gratitude, & positive aspects in your life. Play uplifting tunes, if you'd like. Practice this ritual with the rest of your space. When moving through your space either smudge clockwise or counter-clockwise. Be intentional rather than random when choosing your direction. Or set intentions & utilize during a meditation, before your work, prayer, or honoring someone you love on the other side.


    "I am filled with love, light, and peace."

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