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All ingredients 100% pure/certified organic & ethically sourced.

Layered 2 oz. bottled bath soak. 

Made with love in Echo Park, Los Angeles. 


Indulge yourself in Brown Sugar Botanica's French Grey Sea Salt Soak. Bathing in this aroma infuses the power of renewal & helps bring positive energy into your being. When you are ready for your bath I recommend cleaning the bathroom/tub first. Light candles and bring in plants or crystals you might want around you. Make a tea or enjoyable beverage to sip on. Give yourself enough time to soak. Run a hot bath, pour in the bath soak, embrace the aromas, & enjoy the healing warmth. 





Topical use only. Not meant for consumption. One time use.

Please recycle bottle.







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french grey + blue butterfly bath soak

Excluding Sales Tax
    • French grey sea salt: Re-mineralizes the body. Maintains balance and promotes healthy skin.
    • Blue butterfly Pea Flower: Vibrant pigment when added to water. Packed with antioxidants & soothes minor skin irritations.
    • Corn Flower: Cooling/Toning. Often used in cosmetics to firm matured skin.
    • Avocado oil: Contains antioxidants & anti-inflammatory agents. Helps skin stay smooth, strong, & elastic.
    • +White Quartz crystal- Related to the crown chakra/all zodiac signs. Produces energy at frequency level four, meaning its a great choice for warding off negative energies. This crystal can help people who are struggling with grief/letting go. It can also help with personal limitations. Use this crystal if you need to be kind to yourself. 
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