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Bundle (3) of 100% pure Copal + White Quartz crystal.

Slow 3.5 hour burn.

White Quartz cleansed at 32 degrees for twenty four hours.



Since the Mayans and the Aztec until our days now, Copal has been part of our culture as offering, yoga practices & therapies, massages, etc. It's been used to purify people, places, or things. It is a part of relaxation rituals and it is an oblation during special holidays like Day of the Dead & Spring equinox in places like Tulum, Teotihuacan, Tajin & many more. 


White Quartz is related to the crown chakra & all zodiac signs. It produces energy at frequency level four, meaning its a great choice for warding off negative energies just like the holy wood. This crystal can help people who are struggling with grief/letting go. It can also help with personal limitations. Use this crystal if you need to be kind to yourself. 

copal + white quartz

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